1120 – Karn in hotel room, Leeds (2)


Adam Howard

My second one came after Mick died…

I felt I needed to do something, so I did a couple of things; I learnt how to play Bass (badly) and I started the ‘Sons of Pioneers’ website to document and curate the bass lines he created.

 I also asked for another print for my Birthday from my family who all chipped in, they knew I wanted a Mick one, but the choice was left up to them.

They got me 1220 – Karn in hotel room, Leeds (2).  At the time I thought it was an odd choice as we are all ardent non-smokers; in all honesty I was hoping for: 1099 – Karn in hotel room. Hong Kong, but I can’t complain as I did leave it up to their discretion.  I’ve grown to appreciate the picture over time, and the whole smoking thing was very ‘Mick’ I suppose.

This one hangs above my drum kit / bass guitar corner, and has Mick’s Bass strings I won on eBay and the lovely note from Mrs K sat on top.  It’s there to inspire me to be a better player, well that’s the idea anyway!

It’s funny really, when I first got into Japan aged 9, Mick scared me, he was just too Alien, with the strange movement and his exotic looks (sans eyebrows).  I didn’t appreciate just how cool he was.  I’m not sure when the pendulum swung from being scared to being in awe, but luckily it never swung back!

My biggest regret is letting Mick walk past me in Manchester city centre (the day they supported No-Man at the Jazz Café) because I didn’t want to ‘bother’ him, sometimes I’m too bloody conscientious for my own good, and that’s as close as I’ve ever come to meeting/speaking to any of them.


Adam Howard

This print is available to buy at Steve’s imageshop – http://www.stevejansen.com/imageshop/1120_karn_in_hotel_room_leeds_2.html

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