4001 – trees as seen in japan tour program


Victoria Carter Clowes

6th November 1982; Japan played Lancaster University as part of their final ever tour. My brother gave me £10 as an early Christmas present and I bought the SOP t-shirt and tour programme, which featured this picture by Steve. I spent hours leafing through that programme over the next couple of years, always wondering where this photo was taken – for some reason I assumed it was somewhere in France? The image in the programme seemed over-exposed which added to the slightly spectral quality of it.


July 2014; I decided I really wanted to buy another print from Steve’s imageshop and settled upon this. It held such wonderful memories for me, transporting me back to my mid-teens and a time when my life was full of laughter and positivity. I ordered it and, when it arrived, it was a revelation – no longer bleached out, the trees were much clearer and it is apparent that the shot was taken in a rain storm – it seems somehow more oppressive. I loved it. It found pride of place in my bedroom (alongside 2 other SJ prints!) and every time I look at it, I am reminded of November 1982 and the last time I saw Japan……oh, and I still think it was taken in France……

my prints

NB: I asked Steve about this image and the fact I thought it looked like it had been taken in France…….his reponse put paid to my romantic theory…..”The photo was taken en-route to Genetic Studios in Reading, Berkshire for the recording session of Bamboo Houses. I only know this because of the sequence of events as depicted on the contact sheet.”  Ah well, Berkshire/Brittany – not much of a difference???

This print is available to buy here: http://www.stevejansen.com/imageshop/4001_trees_as_seen_in_japan_tour_program.html

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