Venice Room-widelux

tumblr print

Victoria Carter Clowes

This image was published on Steve’s sleepyard tumblr site earlier this year and I found it intriguing.The slightly obscured view out of the window, the tea service on the table, the photographer’s face framed by the mirror; it is incredibly stylised and also slightly voyeuristic.

A few weeks later, there was an announcement via his imageshop that prints could be ordered in different formats; he was offering a range of sizes and finishes and this included any of the photos from sleepyard. As they were smaller (A4) and unsigned they were really reasonably priced. Excellent.

I sent an email enquiring about this (and the Japanese Bells print, which I also wanted) and spent the next few days bouncing emails back and forth to Joseph, who deals with Steve’s enquiries. I was offered a number of options and there were a few discussions as to how this image would best work – as it was shot on a widelux, it needed to be at least A3 to work…….eventually, we decided on an appropriate format and the prints were ordered.

When it arrived I was thrilled with it – it looks amazing and there is so much more detail to the picture than the image on tumblr suggested. It was also signed, which I wasn’t expecting which was a real bonus. It now hangs in my bedroom, alongside 2 other Jansen prints.

I did notice that the range of options and finishes disappeared off his imageshop page the week the prints  arrived……so this is an absolute one-off 🙂


Details of how to purchase one of Steve’s prints can be found here:

Steve’s tumblr –

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