Parco Exhibition – Tokyo (2)


Steve kindly sent me this picture of the 5 photos he had chosen to be in the Parco Exhibition in 1982. All the other photographs of his that featured (see Parco Exhibition – Tokyo (1) ) were not his choice – “they weren’t submitted by me, they were in fact images I’d provided over previous years to the likes of Rock Show etc. for publication. I had no idea they would be included. The only ones I submitted were the same as those exhibited at the Photographer’s Gallery in London – black and white prints (I think printed by Fin Costello  … not too sure) and they were a selection of 5 images”  (Nov 2014)


The prints featured are:

‘visions film set (4)’

‘karn near london home (2)’

‘karn near london home (1)’

‘yuka – cantonese boy cover’

‘sculpted head in hat’

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