breaking the silence


Craig Hamlin:

A `gathering` had been arranged some weeks previous, late 2010. A few close `Japan` buddies arranged to meet in London in early 2011. Events had taken a poignant turn, with the news of the devastating loss of Mick in early January 2011. So it was decided our gathering would be a little tribute to Mick. A glass raised, memories shared, from a fan`s perspective.
The memory is still vivid. We were all gathered around a circular high table, happy and laughing in each others company, catching up on each others personal lives ….. an air of frivolity surrounding us all. I was checking something from the internet, on my smartphone, and …… there it was ….. Steve, had posted this picture with these words. I passed the phone round …. each one of us took a deep breath, read the words, and exhaled, loudly. How pertinent, that this image, these words were posted up, whilst we were paying our humble tributes that day, some 100 yards from Air Studios, where these two friends created some of their finest works.
To say this is my `favourite` image by Steve, of Mick, would sound trite …. but its, for me, the most powerful. An image and words of true love.

Many many more images of Mick, by Steve are available here

C xx

4 thoughts on “breaking the silence

    1. It’s my pleasure. I think the pub was called The Marlborough (I could be wrong) on Great Portland St. The venue was chosen cos it was thought , with its close proximity to Air Studios, this was possibly where John Punter may have dragged the lads between sessions.
      It was a lovely day/evening culminating going to the Retro Bar just off The Strand , round the corner from The Lyceum.
      If in London , pay it a visit , go upstairs and a huge framed picture from the Gentlemen Take Polaroids session has pride of place on the wall as the then bar owner was an assistant on the original photo shoot.

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