Mick Karn – Sculpture Brochure

Karn 001

When Mick exhibited his sculptures at the prestigious Hamilton’s Gallery in Mayfair, as well as taking all the photos for the brochure, Steve also contributed some prose poems – “just words really” – something he later explained as being “a bit difficult because I can only write when I feel inspired, feeling a certain way one day. Doing it on demand about a certain subject was hard, so some don’t relate that well“…….

Mick Karn 004

Responsibilities – ‘Teach me this strength and we will fight everything together But turn your back on me and my life will become a losing battle’

Karn 002

Love Conquers All Things – ‘It’s only a matter of time Before my hands Will cover the ground between us’

Mick Karn 003

The Mask of Confidence – Yuka’s face and Mick’s arms…….

Karn 005 Karn 004


Karn 006

Nutcracker Suite

Mick Karn 002

Mick Karn 001Mick Karn 005

Karn 003

Does Grey Matter?

Karn 007

In A Crowd

Details of how to purchase one of Steve’s prints can be found here: http://www.stevejansen.com/imageshop/

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