the art of selfies…….


Steve has been responsible for taking some of the most iconic photographs of his former band-mates over the years, such as this incredible shot of Mick, Richard and David in South Molton Street… which give fans an insight into the admittedly insular and sometimes isolated world they inhabited during Japan’s tenure as ‘band most likely to…..’ However, this means that he is usually absent from the scene, his presence only felt from the observer’s point of view; as the man behind the camera, looking down the lens at the image that we now see before us.

Fortunately, Steve pre-empted today’s seemingly rampant enthusiasm for “selfies” with a few of his own…, here we celebrate the few photos where Mr Jansen is actually on the other side of his own lens.


“It’s an early, not very effective form of ‘selfie’”  – in the days when we had to utilise a mirror to take a selfie…

selfie 2

Steve posted this image on his sleepyard tumblr page –  “This is as close as it gets to a selfie … using a timer, camera placed on the desk. Recording The Art Of Parties / Life Without Buildings at Basing Street studios in West London. I remember this being a very productive few days with all in good spirits.”  I think this is one of my all time favourite pictures….made even more fabulous by the fact that David Sylvian is present only by virture of his ear!

selfie dolphin

Steve Jansen (L) and Iio Yoshifumi (R). “Using the Widelux camera (self-panning lens) it’s possible for the photographer to appear in shot as the lens pans the room.” The Dolphin Brothers sessions at The Manor Studios, Oxfordshire.

tumblr print

Venice Hotel Room Widelux – with Steve’s image reflected in the mirror

see Steve’s tumblr page for more images –


utilising the miror once again – Mick, Dave & Steve in the make-up room for the Visions of China video shoot…




Not strictly speaking “selfies” as Steve’s camera had ended up in other people’s hands at this point…..but these pictures are just too good to leave out!

Details of how to purchase one of Steve’s prints can be found here:

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