Expressions Exhibition 1983 (3)

Simon Witts was lucky enough to attend the exhibition at the Photographer’s Gallery:

“From my memory, I went along and the gallery was fairly deserted. The exhibition was in the foyer on the right hand wall only as you walked in the gallery, not at all spread out as I thought it might be.
The staff also seemed quite disinterested but I was in awe of the whole thing as I had travelled down from Nottingham especially and I was only 17 or 18.
I chose to buy the same photograph as shown on the poster, rather than opt for the Sylvian images, my brother opted for the lady sat down – I think because of the detail in the photograph.
A deposit was left and the photographs picked up, with another trip back down to London at the end of the exhibition. I did get a signed letter from Steve. I never saw Steve on the day, it was all a fairly low key event for the gallery, from memory”
 Simon’s photographs now hang in his hallway. Each print cost £75.
Details of how to purchase a limited edition, signed Jansen print can be found here:

4 thoughts on “Expressions Exhibition 1983 (3)

  1. I think I am mainly envying the experience of being at the exhibition AND getting to buy a print from there–that’s a lovely bit of back history for something on the wall 🙂


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