a collector’s story……..

I debated whether to include this post under the “Exhibitions” category, as Seymen’s collection of Jansen prints number a mere 3 fewer than Steve’s 1983 ‘Expressions’ Exhibition!  I understand this desire to own more than one SJ print but even I was bowled over when Seymen contacted me from Turkey, to say he had NINE of them, and is even now planning a 10th purchase…….

Seymen’s first purchases were prints of Sylvian and Karn:

“They were ex-exhibition prints and they were cheaper than the others cause they were left from the exhibition… I was lucky to get them, they are very very great photos… And they were a good start…   Steve Jansen signed them both at front (with pencil) and back (with fountain pen)…

After this purchase, I feel a strong passion deep inside of me, I must continue… there is something special at Steve’s photographs, they are carrying a strange emotion in it… i couldn’t say with words, but its a kind of feeling which hits me every time…..(I chose these ones) they are great because we couldn’t see their faces… but they are looking like me…

my other purchase is not actually Steve Jansen’s frame but both he and his brother at the same frame from Visions video shoot… It is coloured, signed by Steve and i received with his lovely note under it… According to him, Mick or Richard made this photo… I also bought Steve’s Mick Karn photo from the same session… They were looking great with China Army suits…
I feel myself lucky because Joseph from imageshop is a great person, he is a great contact for the archive… He always helped me a lot… He answered my every email with a great patience and information… Especially, he helped a lot for Richard Barbieri selfie and very early black and white Japan photograph..
Steve was not very sure (about the)  Barbieri picture, it is a bit dark originally and he was not sure the printing result… … But after emailing, he printed for me with an amazing edition number…. 1/1… i couldnt tell how happy i am with this lovely photograph… And it is not that much dark… 🙂
As well as the Japan band photograph… It is my fave picture at the moment among the other Steve Jansen prints… Grainy which i adored a lot … Thank you Mr. Jansen and thank you Joseph for this…
So far, i have 9 Steve Jansen photographs if i count “Visions of China” photograph (cause this one not photographed by Steve Jansen, himself). My latest one, Sylvian at Paris (1017)…and I am looking forward to my next one….my 10th one…….!”


I can’t thank Seymen enough for providing us with the photos of this incredible collection – and for making me realise that owning a mere 4 Jansen prints is not as excessive as I had once imagined 🙂
All of these pictures are available to purchase direct from Steve (& Joseph!!)  via his imageshop http://www.stevejansen.com/imageshop/
As Seymen states, every assistance is provided to ensure you get the exact print you require……..and Steve’s prints are indeed very special…….

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