i’ll be here dreaming – remembering Mick Karn


No two people experience grief in the same way. Bereavement brings with it a bizarre hierarchy of loss; to lose a spouse, parent, child or sibling affords a status that is understood and acknowledged by society. The loss of a close friend does not seem to carry such status; those who experience this loss are expected to carry on as normal, are not given time to grieve properly and their feelings are somehow not considered……

Steve expressed his feelings at Mick’s passing in a number of ways. Firstly, the beautiful prose poem he wrote and published on his website in 2011 which, for me, encapsulates perfectly the experience of losing someone through terminal illness; the moments shared where you laugh and remember, with the knowledge that, even as you are sharing these moments, time is running out. It took my breath away when I read it and his picture of Mick that accompanied it, is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.


Steve’s contribution to the final Dali’s Car project, InGladnessAlone allowed him to focus his energies into helping to create a lasting legacy for Mick and his fans. The booklet which accompanied the Japanese release of the material, is filled with his photographs of Mick through the years – something he admitted was a “bitter/sweet” experience for him.

Through Steve’s photography, we are able to maintain the image of Mick as a beautiful, strong and creative force…..his pictures of Mick are, without doubt, the most compelling and intimate of portraits.


Mick 5

many thought of Mick as a bright and easy-going personality, but there was a darker side…..and he struggled with certain aspects of everyday life that most people might take in their stride…..i think this gave him a strength and dignity with which to deal with his own mortality right to the very end. He was incredibly brave – Steve Jansen 2011

Mick 7

Mick blog

when i see pictures from our youth this brings home the painful part of losing a close friend that i grew and shared so much with…..these photographs…….are taken during this period and are bitter/sweet for me to view – Steve Jansen 2011

MK book




Always loved never forgotten

all photos by Steve Jansen – limited edition, signed prints are available to purchase through Steve’s website http://www.stevejansen.com/imageshop/


17 thoughts on “i’ll be here dreaming – remembering Mick Karn

  1. Beautiful, thank you, Victoria …. I’ve seen the outpouring of love and grief in the various groups on Facebook today … he was and still is loved by so, so many people .. not a day goes by that I don’t listen to his music, solo, Japan, JBK, RTC …. his music lives on!

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  2. So beautifully and heartrendingly written, Victoria…it’s impossible not to tear up. Steve’s words and images of his friend…there are no words. xx

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  3. Thank you. It’s hard. As a person with a “famous” relation, I know that Micks friends/family lost, firstly, a father, son, brother, uncle, cousin, friend, or husband…A relation is a relation first and anything else they may be comes after that. They didn’t sit down to a meal with a “Star”; they sat with their friend/relation…a person they knew and loved.
    We all lost the brilliant musician who was able to speak to us – often without words. It hurts no matter what.

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  4. The Best Bass Player that has ever been and im a metal head,some of his stuff on Gentlemen take polaroids is just awesome. R.I.P Mick you are a legend to so many people.

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  5. In celebration, nobody could pull off shaved eyebrows like Mick Karn! He was completely weird and off the wall, but very cool. His bass playing is instantly recognizable and lived in a world of its own. He shows the kids how it’s done.


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