the purchase

I was lucky enough to receive a tax rebate recently. Once I had picked myself off the floor, my boys and I had The Discussion.

‘What should we do with it?’ I asked. ‘Something good? Something bad? A bit of both?’

‘We’ll follow your lead, Star-Lord.’

‘A bit of both!’ I decided.

This conversation highlighted two things. First, my sons are good lads and look after their old man, and second, that we have a strange family dynamic and I like being called Star-Lord.

I decided to investigate the options for Something Bad which led me immediately to Steve Jansen’s ImageshopI have looked at these wonderful photographs many times and would happily buy them all but my available funds were limited and I had to justify not spending the cash on, oh I don’t know, food maybe?

Therefore, it needed to be something very special. It needed to be something I couldn’t resist. It needed to be so good that it would override the Catholic Guilt that I carry around with me. In a suitcase. Filled with guilt. It needed to excite me artistically and satisfy the Fanboy that still exists within me after all these years.

I searched through Steve’s Imageshop and his Tumblr blog but nothing really ‘spoke’ to me. I decided to email Steve and ask his advice. I’m not sure what I expected him to say, due to my incredibly vague message, but he is always gracious. He asked me some questions that helped to highlight my requirements and promised to have a look at his unpublished photographs to see if he had something along similar lines.

True to his word, Steve emailed me the next day with four previously unseen images. They were all great but I’d immediately seen the one I wanted. In a previous blog entry I told the story of Steve’s ‘Ghosts’ cover which introduced me to his photography and Japan. It was a life-changing moment and remains my favourite image

. Ghosts 1

One of the photographs was an alternate ‘Ghosts’ cover and it was simply perfect. I knew instantly that this was the one I had to have and Steve then placed me in the very capable hands of the famous, but unseen, Joseph to proceed with the order. I received an email from Joseph indicating that, because the negative had never been scanned and test-printed, the order could take a few extra days. Excited? Yes, indeed! Only two weeks later and it had arrived at my door.

Ghosts Alternate

The whole process, from originally contacting Steve to actually getting my print, was incredibly quick. Steve did say that he will be digitising more unseen negatives over the next couple of months, and I can’t wait to see what photographic treasures he unearths. In the meantime, I’m a very happy boy with my new print. It is a beautiful image, individually numbered and signed by Steve. Go buy it, I know you want to. But remember, I was first.

Steve’s Imageshop:

Ghosts alternate:

Steve’s Tumblr blog:

5 thoughts on “the purchase

  1. “If you’re good
    If you’re kind
    If you’re good
    Generous and kind ……. ”

    You’ll get the image you deserve 😀
    Cheered me up Shane. What a great story. Owen , Connor and Steve all came through for you and it is indeed an awesome portrait x

    Liked by 3 people

  2. beautiful indeed… if i can speak for myself, i cant stop myself for another Jansen print… im feeling myself very special when i have a print wit an edition number which starts 1/… 🙂 congrats for your new beauty… PS-Is it a bit sepia?

    Liked by 1 person

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