rob dean (2) – accounted for

So, yesterday I posted a piece about Rob Dean entitled M.I.A. (missing in action) which was a reference to the dearth of Jansen photos featuring the guitarist. It proved to be a really popular post, with 400 people reading it in the first 24 hours, (thank you!) which is really rather exciting and shows just how much respect and love there still is for Rob, 34 years after he left ‘Japan’.

Today, Steve has very kindly provided us with a post-script to this piece, by publishing these previously unseen shots featuring Rob.

Ultimate Rob
Ultimate Rob
Poised penguins, Rob Dean (L) and Mick Karn
Poised penguins, Rob Dean (L) and Mick Karn
Happy penguins, Rob Dean (L) and Mick Karn
Happy penguins, Rob Dean (L) and Mick Karn

Any new photos of the band members is a thing to celebrate in my eyes, but these photos of Rob are even more exciting because they are so unexpected. And the ones of him and Mick posing as ‘waiters’ at Mick’s Penguin Cafe are just joyful.

As are these two shots, with Rob pulling off an impressive Old Man Steptoe impression which made me laugh like a drain when I first saw it.

Glamour Beatnik, Rob Dean
Glamour Beatnik, Rob Dean
Steptoe Beatnik, Rob Dean
Steptoe Beatnik, Rob Dean

A massive thanks, as ever, to Steve for providing these pictures (‘better late than never’ is my mantra) and here’s to Rob Dean… longer MIA but beautifully ‘accounted for’

Limited edition signed prints are available to purchase from Steve’s website here:

These photos of Rob were published on Steve’s tumblr site here:

All photos are © 2015 steve jansen all rights reserved

4 thoughts on “rob dean (2) – accounted for

  1. I adore Rob, have done since I was 12 and nothing gets me dancing these days but the combination of his guitar and Mick’s bass..not to mention a certain drummer! It’s a wonderful blessing to read and share these amazing photos which Steve has so generously shared and Victoria, thank you so much for making it all come together so beautifully.
    Robert Dean, the man, the musician and the artist is a fascinating creature. After being in a famous band he continued to play with all manner of artists and then became a different kind of artist! How can anyone that talented as a musician also become one of the most respected artists in his field?! Oh wait, that’s a thing if you are a member of Japan, right?!
    These photos show so well how those amazing eyes exude kindness as well as wit and depth. Thank you Rob for being part of the soundtrack of our lives – you are deeply appreciated and loved.

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