jansen photo book – watch this space!

See what happens when I take time away from the blog, to concentrate on real life, for a couple of weeks? There I was, busy herding umpteen teenagers up a Cumbrian ‘mountain’, when my phone pinged and I received a message telling me that Steve had finally announced that he is to publish a book, featuring 170 of his photographs. Oh, happy day!  Maybe I should go away more often; who knows what other amazing announcements would be made?

Readers of this blog will know that a number of contributors and followers have long cried out for a ‘BOOK!’ – they have asked Steve about it via his ‘sleepyard’ tumblr and have left a number of increasingly unsubtle hints in the comments box on many a-blog post, in the vain hope that it would be somehow seen and acted upon.

And here we now are, with the promise of a ‘compact and beautiful’ book to be released by the end of the year. What more could we ask for? At present, there isn’t a date for publication but here is Steve’s official announcement, for those of you who may have missed it:

“I have completed a photo book to be published later this year. It contains 170 images consisting mostly of monochrome prints, but also colour and a selection of Polaroids. Some texts by myself appear in the book as well as a contribution from Yukihiro Takahashi who has produced the book via his Hints Music publishing company. He and I together wanted to make the images that have been featured online (as well as others never before published) available in an art book format. The book is compact and beautifully presented by Japanese designer Keiji Terai and is being printed and manufactured in Japan and will be available to purchase worldwide. More details will be announced soon.”   Steve Jansen.

So, what now? Well, Steve has asked that people register their interest via his own official facebook site – be aware that there are a number of SJ fb sites in existence but this is the only one which Steve actually contributes to:


If the quality and quantity of the images Steve has been slowly releasing via his ‘sleepyard’ tumblr over the last 18 months is anything to go by, the finished product should be well worth the wait. Now, of course, my febrile imagination has gone into over-drive and I am hoping for a book launch and extensive photographic exhibition, to accompany the book’s publication…..however, just knowing that all the years of hoping that we would one day see a large selection of Steve’s evocative and beautiful images, collected together in one place, is finally on the horizon; well, that is more than enough for me. For now, at least.

So, whilst we are waiting for more news about the release date, let’s just sit back and luxuriate in some of the images currently out there –  and wonder about just what delights Messrs Jansen & Takahashi have in store for us, later in the year.

sylvian & sakamoto during the recording of bamboo houses/music
sylvian & sakamoto during the recording of bamboo houses/music
Richard Barbieri during Ippu-Do tour of Japan, 1983.
Richard Barbieri during Ippu-Do tour of Japan, 1983.


Limited edition, signed prints of some of Steve’s images are available to purchase via his website here:


Steve periodically uploads images on his ‘sleepyard’ tumblr here:


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