‘through a quiet window’

So, today was the day quite a few of us have been waiting a rather long time for (about 3 decades in my case).  Around 6am, Steve posted an update to his facebook site, advising that the Artes Publishing website would be accepting pre-orders of his book, and that the initial 300 copies would be signed. Oh, happy day! Well, sort of. The link was ‘going live’ at lunchtime (UK) and I had a 150 mile round trip to Carlisle, and 4 hours of meetings scheduled, so I was more than a little concerned that, by the time I got home and had access to reliable technology, all the signed copies may well have been snapped up. Ah well…….to be fair, I have waited so long for Steve to publish a book of his photos, that signed or unsigned, I was just delighted to know it was finally within my grasp.


So, at 1pm, we were given a sneak preview of some of the delights which await us, when Through A Quiet Window is finally unleashed in a few weeks time. Alongside the pre-order information, was a select few photographs which feature in the book. Some of them are more than familiar to fans of Steve’s iconic Japan images; Mick astride the recumbent Buddha, outside the old Commonwealth Institute; Sylvian, Karn & Barbieri loitering in South Molton Street; David stood staring downwards, by the window in Steve’s storeroom in Stanhope Gardens. You know the ones. However, alongside these were some fabulous new shots, to whet our appetite and keep us all on tenterhooks for the next 3 weeks.


The Japan/Jansen related facebook boards have been awash this afternoon with joyous comments and discussions about the book. There is a real sense of celebration in the air, as those who have pre-ordered the book and have been lucky enough to get a signed copy, have been gabbling away like excited school-kids on Christmas Eve. It is truly lovely. And I have my wonderful compadres, Shane & Craig, to thank, who both offered to procure me a copy whilst I sweated the afternoon away, discussing Education and Health Care Plans, in a stuffy office in Northern Cumbria……(living the dream)


If you haven’t yet ordered yourself a copy, this is the link to the English language version of the website


The book costs approx £28 (which includes postage) and orders will be shipped from 1st October.

These are exciting times…….

All photos by Steve Jansen.

For updates and information, follow Steve on FB here:





17 thoughts on “‘through a quiet window’

    1. I can hardly wait Mischa. October and November will be really great months for books arriving and there will be a lot of happy faces. I am so chuffed and happy I managed to get 2 signed copies of this. One will be kept pristine and put away with all my other special items and the other will be lovingly looked at over and over and over again x

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  1. I managed to bag myself 2 signed copies although I would have been happy with just the book I was so so SO happy and after ordering the copies suddenly had a brainwave (YES sometimes I use my brain Lol) and thought I will email the company and put the details of my transaction with the order number and just ask them to clarify whether I would be receiving even 1 signed copy? I was really pleased and impressed when within 30 mins I had a lovely reply telling me that I would receive 2 signed copies that would be sent via airmail on the 1st October. To say I had a grin as big as a Cheshire cat would be an understatement. It is so funny as my internet was down when I switched it on at around 7am so I had no idea that it was going to be available to pre-order today. It was only when I got home about 13:15hrs and I switched my laptop on and the internet was up that I saw the lovely message on Steve’s FB site saying that the order site was up and running and had been for 15 mins. My heart was in my mouth and I was so excited ordering it and even double checked that I had ordered it correctly and from the correct option of from the correct source and not the other option of amazon Lol. Now the waiting game awaits and I can’t wait till the 1st October and will be rushing home from work at 5pm every day thereafter to see if it has arrived Lol. I am so glad so many of my friends who are fans managed to get a signed one and I would imagine they are as excited as myself? The day it arrives there will be lots of excited fans with big smiles on their faces eeking and ooohing Lol x

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  2. I think it is great that so many people have ordered the book and happy for those who got a signed copy. However, I am not sure why you need 2 signed copies, especially as one is never going to be read/looked at? That seems a bit odd to me. And, if everyone did that, then only 150 people would get a signed copy, and not 300? Am I missing something here?

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    1. I bought 1 to keep and cherish in safety (especially as I am a total clutz on Tuesday I spilt/knocked over nearly a whole 380ml bottle of Lucozade over myself) and one to read, look at, read, look at continually. When the book coming out in November by DS was available I ordered 1 signed and 1 unsigned so I could put the signed one away with all my signed items, ltd edt items etc so I don’t ruin it and so in 10, 15 or 30 years I will have the items to read/look at if anything happens to the others. In over 37 years I have never sold 1 item of my Japan, SJ, DS, MK, RB & RD items and never will x

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  3. Archiving, I guess. Really it would be nice if people could have chosen to have an unsigned copy for reading and a signed one for the treasure box, which I reckon everyone would have gone for. That way it increases everybody’s chances of getting a nice signed copy but everybody still gets to read the book 😀 That’s a bit of a hindsight thing that nobody could have foreseen though, and it would be a bit of a nightmare for the publisher to sort now :/

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