glimpse – ‘through a quiet window’ is finally released

So, it would appear that D-Day is finally upon us; as all around the globe, the sound of books thudding gently onto doormats, resounds. Well, I say ‘all around the globe’, but I actually mean ‘anywhere but in Lancashire, seemingly’.

For, as all and sundry have been whooping it up with delight, announcing the fact that they are now the proud owner of ‘through a quiet window’,  posting photos of their signed copies and offering sneak previews of some of the ‘previously unseen’ shots which feature in the book; I have had to sit here, peeking from between my fingers and through half closed eyes, trying not to feel like the kid who wasn’t invited to the best party ever……grim. I mean, it has even arrived at Mischa’s abode, and she lives in the middle of an actual forest in deepest Wales. Grrrrrr. Not that I am bitter, obviously; it is just that I am really terrible when it comes to delayed gratification, so I am now banking on the fact that my reliant postie will show up tomorrow, with the Holy Grail in his bag, and I will finally get to see what all the fuss is about.

Ferry Diederik's copy which he procured from the World Happiness event in Tokyo in August.
Ferry Diederik’s copy which he procured from the World Happiness event in Tokyo in August.

So far, the news has been pretty good. Lots of people saying that there are a whole raft of photos they have never seen before, that the quality is great and that it is incredible value for money. Someone pointed out a typo (“Tim Drum”?) and a couple of the geekier folk have queried some of the dates but, overall, the general consensus is a resounding “hurrah”. For those of us who have been avid fans of Steve’s photography for decades, this is such a fantastic opportunity, to have 200 of his images gathered together in one place.

I was chatting with a fellow fan this weekend and his only gripe was one I think I can also agree with; the book is just too small. Those of us who have purchased Jansen prints can testify that Steve’s images work best when seen on a large-scale – his prints measure 40cm x 30cm and look amazing, so the thought of having a larger, ‘coffee-table’ version of the book is one that really appeals. Maybe there is scope for a limited edition, deluxe version; who knows? I am pretty sure that the last thing Steve wants to contemplate at this moment in time though, is producing yet another book. Maybe when he has finished off the new album, we can start a campaign, eh?

Yumiko Okada's copy of the book
Yumiko Okada’s copy of the book

In a couple of week’s time I am going to do a fan-based post about the book – if you want to contribute, please get in touch via

Until then, I shall continue to sit here, trying to avoid too many spoilers, until my treasured copy finally wings its way to the Northern wastelands of Lancashire. Roll on Monday……..

Shane's signed copy of the book
Shane’s signed copy of the book

Thanks to Shane, Ferry and Yumiko for sharing the photos of their copies of the book.

‘through a quiet window’ is available to order from the artes wesbite here:

A selection of Steve’s prints are available to purchase from his website here:

11 thoughts on “glimpse – ‘through a quiet window’ is finally released

  1. It’s probably the only time anything has ever arrived here, ever, without either a wild goose chase or the erring delivery driver ending lost in the forest or stuck in the river….. I was thoroughly expecting that after the long trip from Japan (which you’d think was the hard part) the poor book would go AWOL in the last few miles. But no! And it’s really rather fabulous.. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Glad you got your copy in one piece, Mischa…….I am sure mine will arrive tomorrow; and whilst I am waiting for it, I shall distract myself by listening to ‘the blossoms close at sunset’ – Steve’s rather beautiful new track from the ALMA project 🙂


  2. A beautiful book that is far too precious for my coffee table. It will be taken out and unwrapped during those quiet winter evenings. Number 022, however will always remind me of Victoria and bring a little smile to my face.
    Great blog tomorrow is almost here 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahhhh! Poor Victoria. Not had mine either and I was actually waiting outside for our rather fragrant post lady on Friday! On the upside this is the only time Mischa has received anything first, I remember her being actually cut off by a fallen tree at one stage while waiting for something or other and considering this delivery had to be made via owl to Middle Earth, ie Wales, it’s nothing short of a miracle.
    So is the book itself. The enormity of this book has only sunk in now whilst reading your Blog VCC. Oh my gosh! It’s really happening! Ok. Now I feel really in awe.
    Steve. Has. Done. A. Book.
    Ruddy Nora!

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  4. I had a note from my postie last week – thought perhaps my copy had arrived. But no, it was a box containing my videos of dad on stage in the role of Atticus in “To Kill a Mockingbird” and, shamefully, I was a tad disappointed (sorry dad).
    Soon, grasshopper, soon. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, mine has now arrived and it is indeed, very beautiful…….in a couple of weeks time, we will be posting a special piece about the book, looking in detail at some of the photos, so at least you will get to see some of them Kelvin!


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