jansenphotographyblog – an update

18 months ago, this blog started out life as a side-project of the TMK (Team Mick Karn) facebook page, and the initial focus was upon Steve’s iconic photographs of his friends and fellow musicians, during their time in the band Japan. Other than a few dozen prints which were available for sale via Steve’s ‘imageshop’ at stevejansen.com, there was little information or access to these photographs, so it was an interesting project to be involved with, and it led to some fascinating insights into the rather insular life the 5 band-members lived.

It also seemed to mirror a growing interest in all things Japan-related. The facebook fan-pages dedicated to the band and their solo careers started seeing increasing numbers of members joining in the discussions, and over the last 12 months, the release of new material and re-mastered recordings, has been welcomed by many of us. Add to that, the publication  of books by Anthony Reynolds and David Sylvian – as well as the incredibly well-timed release of Steve’s book of photography ‘though a quiet window’ – and it felt a little bit like 1982 again (to those of us old enough to remember that far back!)

However, with the publication of some 200 of his photographs within the pages of that one beautiful book, I find myself in a rather tricky situation. This blog served the purpose of delving that little bit deeper into the Jansen archive, and Steve very kindly published new photos and provided (often amusing) anecdotes, which made writing new and interesting pieces a bit of a doddle.  Now that so many of the images are out there, it feels somewhat unnecessary to continue.

Rather than stop adding to the blog completely, it feels appropriate instead to broaden its remit. So, whilst it shall remain the JansenPhotographyBlog and I will continue to occasionally wax lyrical about certain aspects of Steve’s photography, there will also be more pieces about other Jansen-related topics. Interestingly, the piece I wrote about Richard Barbieri’s master-class at Huddersfield University has proved to be one of the most-read posts on the blog, so I am assuming there is an audience for such pieces.  First up will be a collective response to the release of Steve’s new solo album ‘tender extinction’ – keep your eyes peeled for that one, it should be a corker!


As the blog has grown, we are now welcoming readers from over 80 countries and it has had almost 40,000 views, which is somewhat mind-boggling. I would like to thank everyone who had read, commented and contributed to any of the posts over the last 18 months. It is an absolute pleasure to do this blog and I love hearing your thoughts and reading your responses.

Special thanks must go, of course, to Mr Jansen – for his quiet support, gentle humour and unfailing ability to recall the most miniscule of details about events which occurred more than 3 decades ago.

Many thanks for your support x


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