‘sleepyard’ awakes

After a temporary hiatus, Steve has re-jigged his ‘sleepyard’ blog and it can now be found on the wordpress site, with a spanky new design.  It may have only been a short snooze but it has returned with all of its original posts and images intact and is looking rather snazzy and definitely ready for business.

There is still the option to ask Steve certain questions, which I have always enjoyed reading, but I have to say that I am more relieved to see that he has a dedicated place to continue to upload his images, starting with a host of previously unseen polaroid shots.



This image particularly appeals to the archaeology geek in me, as it manages to instil an atmosphere of industrial bleakness into an image of a millennia-old prehistoric monument. Pretty impressive stuff to these eyes.

So, you should all head over www.sleepyard.wordpress.com, click the ‘follow’ button and have a poke around.

‘sleepyard’ – steve jansen photography & discussions (ask to: info@stevejansen.com)

All photographs on this site are © 2016 steve jansen all rights reserved, unless otherwise stated.



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