jansen test-prints for sale

s-l500 (1)
‘escaping the room’ test-print

18 months ago, when Steve released his book of photographs, ‘through a quiet window’, he kindly took some time to answer a plethora of questions, for this here blog.  Alongside chatting about how the idea of the book came about, and his life-long interest in photography, he also went into incredible detail about how the images chosen for the book, were digitised, scanned and ‘dust-busted’, before finally seeing the light of day.

It was a long and laborious process, but one which he was not unfamiliar with, as he goes through a similar procedure, each time he sells a new print, via his ‘imageshop’. As he is keen to ensure that the images he sells to fan are of the best possible quality, Steve relies on the services of a professional print lab, who produce test-prints of the selected photograph. If all goes well, only one test is required, but sometimes additional adjustments are required. Only then, will the image be printed and mounted, ready to be sent out to its new owner.

Fortunately for us, Steve occasionally has a bit of a clear-out at Jansen Towers and offers these test-prints for sale, at incredibly affordable prices. This week, 9 such prints have appeared, and are currently available on eBay.  The images on offer include some which will be familiar to most, but there are some other, previously unseen shots, which have caused a bit of stir – not least these 2 photographs of Steve & Richard in a cafe, overlooking the Ginza 4-Chome crossing in 1983.

These will now only be available for a couple of days, so head over to eBay if you fancy bagging one for your wall. (It is worth mentioning that Steve sells ltd. edition prints for £150, and a couple of these test-prints are already heading towards that figure. In which case, you are actually better just buying direct from his ‘imageshop’.)


sylvian in paris - 1979

Steve’s imageshop – http://www.stevejansen.com/imageshop/

Interview with Steve – https://jansenphotographyblog.wordpress.com/2015/09/18/talking-drummer-words-with-steve-jansen/

‘Through A Quiet Window’ is available for pre-order from Artes Publishing:


All photographs are © 2017 steve jansen all rights reserved, unless otherwise stated.


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