Photography by Steve Jansen

one of the images steve chose to exhibit

In November 2014, this blog started out life as a side-project of the TMK (Team Mick Karn) facebook page, and the focus was upon Steve’s iconic photographs of his friends and fellow musicians, during their time in the band Japan.

Over the last 18 months, we have published dozens of posts, delving that bit deeper into some of those images.

The publication of Steve’s beautiful photo-book ‘through a quiet window’ brought together approx 200 of his images in one place.

All photographs on this site are © 2016 steve jansen all rights reserved, unless otherwise stated.




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Steve’s own sleepyard blog is available here



10 thoughts on “Photography by Steve Jansen

  1. I agree with all the TMKers above, Steve’s work is terribly important. It’s also important in terms of Mick, naturally. It’s rare for an artist to be photographed over a lifetime by a dear friend, especially when the friend is himself a celebrated artist.
    Many, many thanks Victoria. Your fascination and knowledge is inspiring and to look into this subject as a team is valuable indeed, as is Mr Jansen’s support. We are indebted to him and to you.

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  2. I think one could use the strength of sales of the upcoming book by Anthony Reynolds to determine if a similar release of Steves pictures would be popular. Steve I believe has questioned the quality of producing a photography book which would reflect his imagery.

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