“through a quiet window” – photography installation update

For those of us who are unable to hot-foot it half-way across the globe, to catch Steve’s current exhibition in Kyoto, our lovely friend Keiko Kurata has very kindly offered to be our (quiet) eyes and ears.

Here is a short film she made of the installation, when she visited last weekend.


Steve has also posted some updated photos from the ISETAN store, where his images are on display until 13th May, as part of the KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival.


There is also a commemorative postcard set, featuring images from “through a quiet window”, via Steve’s Bandcamp page, which will be signed upon request.




Ltd edition, signed & numbered prints, can be purchased via the ‘imageshop’ on Steve’s website: http://www.stevejansen.com/imageshop/
“through a quiet window” can be purchased via Steve’s Bandcamp page: https://stevejansen.bandcamp.com/merch/through-a-quiet-window-photo-book-by-steve-jansen
Follow Steve on Facebook, to keep up-to-date with all of his latest news: https://www.facebook.com/Steve-Jansen-Official-803014983085400/




“through a quiet window” – photo exhibitions

Kyoto 5

You wait 35 years for a SJ photo exhibition, only for 3 of them to turn up all at once 🙂

Steve last officially exhibited his photographic work at The Photographers’ Gallery, (just off Oxford Street, in London) in October 1983.  Tomorrow (13th April) sees the opening of a small-scale installation at the ISETAN store (6F) in Kyoto Station. Mainly featuring prints from his 2015 book, “through a quiet window”, the exhibition runs for a month, ending on 13th May.

Kyoto 1
The installation takes shape
Kyoto 2
Readying the installation
Kyoto 3
Prints framed and ready for the walls

As the Kyoto installation ends, 2 further exhibitions are scheduled to take place, half-a-world away, in Nova Scotia and Ontario.  The first takes place at Cape Breton University Art Gallery in Sydney, Nova Scotia (11th May – 6th July) and this will then move on to the Carnegie Gallery in August (final dates and time TBC)

Publicity for the Canadian leg of the exhibition – Nova Scotia


Those of us not fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit any of these current installations (and I really am not at all bitter that I returned from a visit to Japan a mere 20 days ago. Oh no, not bitter at all. Really. Not. Bitter.) will just have to hope that other galleries and curators, slightly closer to home, will be encouraged to offer Steve the chance to extend his run of exhibitions.
Of course, failing that, there’s always the fact that we can actually buy copies of these gorgeous images, (as well as the “through a quiet window” book) direct from the man himself, and create our very own, small-scale exhibitions in our homes. That’s what I’ve done. 🙂
064 - mount fuji view from shinkansen, japan 1980
My latest SJ addition – a birthday present courtesy of some lovely friends.
Ltd edition, signed & numbered prints, can be purchased via the ‘imageshop’ on Steve’s website: http://www.stevejansen.com/imageshop/
“through a quiet window” can be purchased via Steve’s Bandcamp page: https://stevejansen.bandcamp.com/merch/through-a-quiet-window-photo-book-by-steve-jansen
Follow Steve on Facebook, to keep up-to-date with all of his latest news: https://www.facebook.com/Steve-Jansen-Official-803014983085400/

‘slippery slope’ – the collecting addiction

I have been musing long and hard this week over the strange world of the avid music collector. This has been influenced by a number of factors, not least the rather fabulous experience we had last week, when Steve & Richard announced a ‘flash sale’ of some of the remaining (and hard to come by) JBK stock via their bandcamp page. There was an almighty virtual scrabble as fans desperately tried to grab themselves a signed copy of the ‘medium sampler’, along with ‘seed’ and ‘playing in a room with people’.  Included in the price of the CDs/downloads was the added bonus of the live JBK gig filmed at the Astoria in April 1997, which we have waited a long time to get our hands on, and this created a huge amount of excited conversation on the various Japan/JBK/Jansen/Barbieri facebook pages. It also highlighted, once again, just how avid some people are when it comes to getting every single version of every single release, regardless of whether there are any discernible differences. As someone who is, at best, a half-hearted collector of music memorabilia, I am fascinated by the people who go the whole hog, as it were.

signed copies of ‘medium sampler’, ‘other worlds in a small room’, ‘seed’ and ‘playing in a room with people’ plus freebie postcards (VCC)

My own collecting has been – to use the old football cliche – very much a game of two halves and can be split into two distinct categories; ‘back in the day’  and ‘mid-life crisis’. My former collection was created in the early 80s when, as an obsessed, teenaged Japan fan with a part time job and no overheads, I spent all my spare cash on every new release (7″, 12″, picture disc, Japanese imports etc) and I would buy every magazine (and sometimes multiple copies) which featured any of the band members.

Fortunately, other than chucking away a lot of posters and bootleg cassettes during a house move  and selling a few rarer items when I first became aware of ebay (*sad face*) I kept hold of most of this collection; and I have been adding to it now for the last few years, when I entered the ‘mid-life crisis’ phase of collecting.

I tend to limit my purchases to Jansen/Barbieri related items and some of the more obvious Japan releases, and I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to coveting all those lovely Japanese releases, complete with their sexy obi-strips and added extras. However, seeing some of the photographs of some people’s vast collections puts my feeble attempts to shame, and hearing some of the stories and anecdotes about the lengths folk have gone to secure certain items, is utterly mind-boggling and ofteen highly entertaining.

Obviously, it isn’t just the recorded music which appeals to collectors; there have been sales of items of clothing, instruments and photographs which have roused the latent collector in many of us over the last few years. Recently, Steve offered some test prints for sale on ebay, along with a couple of old cymbals and a drum, all of which went for pretty astonishing prices. When something unique or personalised comes along, then competition is pretty fierce out there and the prices can soon rocket beyond most people’s range. Fortunately though, for those people who don’t have massive amounts of spare cash lying around, but who would still like to invest in something other than the latest download or physical release, there is the prospect of owning one of Steve’s prints to look forward to.

Since starting this blog, I have been amazed by just how many people have taken the plunge and joined the Jansen Print Owners Club™ – we are a select breed but our numbers are growing on a weekly basis! With the publication of ‘through a quiet window’ the number of prints available to purchase suddenly increased 10 fold and with the this has come the rise of ‘serious collector’ – those of us who are not content with just one, or possibly two, of Steve’s iconic shots of his band-mates…..it can become quite addictive let me tell you.

One such person, who has surpassed even the most ardent admirer of Steve’s photography (i.e. me!) is Seymen from Turkey. Some of you will recall that he contributed a piece to the blog last year, when he was the proud owner of a mere 10 of Steve’s prints. Well my friends, let me tell you…since then Seymen has added a further 6 to his collection. Yep, he is now the proud owner of 16 of Steve’s signed, limited edition prints. Blimey. 

some of Seymen’s prints in situ

I shall leave it to him to explain just why he is such a fan:

I’m starting with one word… “why?”

“Why” I love Mr. Jansen’s photography?

While i was buying my first two prints by the help of dear Joseph from Steve’s team, i can able to answer this simple question: “Cause they are great…” Japan was one of my fave band from the 80s and, “hey”, their drummer is also a brilliant photographer.  What a great chance for me… A  great musician who also take photographs from one of my fave band… Its a perfect chemistry.

So, all started after this simplicity…I was pretty sure i couldn’t stop after my first purchases. Yes, i was right, i just couldn’t…I can find everything what i need when i look the whole details of each Mr. Jansen’s photographs.

I can see colour even it is a black & white frame.  I can see his naive, young passion. I can see humour, I can see tension, I can see anger. 

I can see both Japan’s great days and also I can see Japan’s fading terrible future for their beloved fans… I can see a good band’s splitting…I couldn’t call myself collector… even after, I so far have 16 Jansen prints… I do not know, how can I call myself.

All i can say, I’m doing what i love… Steve Jansen is a great photographer for me. Yes, he is not a big name at photography. But who cares, I love his way of framing, his way of looking around, his way of documenting a band, his band mates. 

Thank you Mr. Jansen… Thanks a lot to you for opening a very special part of your life to us. Thank you indeed.”

And thank you Sey, for sharing your thoughts with us!

MKTriptych TEXT
karn triptych 1981 – Seymen has added these 3 images to his collection recently

Obviously, Seymen isn’t the only person who has a number of Jansen prints adorning the walls of their inner sanctum, and over the coming weeks we will focus our attention on other folk who have been bitten by the collecting bug.

And……to ensure that none of the avid collectors out there feel offended by the title of this piece, there are a couple of photos from my own collection included – you can rest assured that I include myself in the gentle mocking. Always.

A small selection of my magazines, fanzines and photos  (VCC)


JBK bandcamp:  https://jbkmusic.bandcamp.com/

Signed, limited edition prints are available to buy direct from Steve: http://www.stevejansen.com/imageshop/

All photographs are © 2016 steve jansen all rights reserved unless otherwise stated.

With thanks to Steve for  permission to use his photographs, Seymen for sharing his thoughts and Shane for his help with the title…….I’m still chuckling.


imageshop update

imageshop persons
new ‘imageshop’ selections

It may seem hard to remember now, but not that long ago information about, and access to, Steve’s photography was pretty hard to come by……18 months ago, the only sure-fire way of being able to find his images was by trawling through his website and ogling the few prints available for sale via his ‘imageshop’ or in the ‘archival shots’ sections. You could of course spend a good few hours lost in the world of ‘tumblr’ and come across random photos he had taken, but these were often not credited, so you were not always certain they were definitely his.

Then, all that changed; up popped his ‘sleepyard’ tumblr, followed a year later with this very blog, whose sole intention was to (unofficially) celebrate the world as seen through the lens of Mr Jansen. Then, at the back end of last year we had the utter joy of the publication of ‘through a quiet window’ which answered my oft repeated question ‘just how many photos must Steve have in his archive?’ with a resounding ‘bloody loads of them!’

Marvellous, isn’t it?

With the publication of the book, came the realisation that maybe, just maybe, that was it. Maybe he had published all the photos he saw fit to release and the heady delight of seeing a notification ping up on your phone saying ‘sleepyard has just posted a new image…..’ may well be over? When I asked Steve about this his answer was typically modest – “I guess I have more to share if there are people still interested. We’ll see.”  

Well, people are still interested and guess what? – he definitely still has plenty to share!

Since September, the odd new image has appeared on ‘sleepyard’, including this rather trippy double-exposed Sylvian shot which is pretty beautiful, and the absolutely joyful Karn/Punter double-act image from the Quiet Life sessions. And then, just as we were preparing to say ‘adieu’ to 2015, with little fanfare and just a small notification on his tumblr/facebook pages Steve announced that the ‘imageshop’ had been updated to include shots from his book……and things got a bit giddy!

412 – david sylvian double exposure, tokyo hotel

It went from offering a few dozen, mainly monochrome, images of his ex-band mates, alongside a couple of stunning Japanscapes and hotel interiors, and the odd shot of a random stranger or a glinty-eyed dog, to hosting a couple of hundred prints, all available to purchase directly from Steve. That was some leap, it has to be said, and it caused as massive flurry of excitement amongst the many Japan/Jansen related fan-sites which exist on-line. Even more excitingly, there were even more never-before seen pictures; some of them so eye-achingly perfect, you had to wonder why they weren’t included in his book?

There was one image which caused a certain amount of hilarity amongst a few folk, with the identity of the unknown jogger testing the imaginations of many. There was definitely a festive feel to the air, as some rather short-sighted people claimed they thought it was David Sylvian (wearing joggers and running? really?? surely he would have at least have had a fag in his hand?) dashing past a beautifully gurning Karn in Holland Park. To my eyes, it looked more like legendary grumpy-as-feck drummer Ginger Baker (thanks to Rob Dean for helping me to put a name to a chin!) but whoever it was, it certainly made for an entertaining hour over on TMK……..

is it sylvian? is it baker? who knows……. 308 – mick karn, holland park (2)

The array of images available to own is slightly mind-boggling and I am seriously considering moving home to somewhere with bigger walls and fewer windows, just so I can accommodate all the ones I now covet………although that may be a tad extreme?  I once thought that owning 6 Jansen prints was rather OTT but seeing all the new ones available, I am now certain that I am a mere amateur and until I hit double figures, I cannot really call myself a bona fide ‘collector’……

For those of you who have not yet succumbed to the slightly addictive joy that comes from being a member of the Jansen Print Owners Club, I am now about to dangle a metaphorical bag of powdery white substance in front of your eyes and tempt you to ‘become one of us‘……for it is ridiculously easy to get your hands on one of these beautiful images.

The process is quick and simple.

You simply choose the image you want and pay via paypal.

Once the print is ready you get an email informing you of the delivery date and time.

The prints are sent via courier and are securely packaged – in fact, getting into it is akin to a playing a particularly physical game of pass the parcel! – and they are signed and numbered by Steve.

And that, my friends, is it. What are you waiting for?


324 – richard barbieri, suggestive

all photographs on this site are © 2016 steve jansen all rights reserved unless otherwise stated

sj 3034-2
Mick Karn and John Punter at Air Studios during the recording of ‘Quiet Life’


imageshop – ‘the choice’

Not sure about you lot, but I am still smiling like a total goon, at the more-than-welcome news that Steve’s much longed-for book of photography is finally about to be published. Tantalising snippets of information are being bandied about on various forums; a drip, drip, drip of  enticing facts & figures – A5 in size! 200 pages!  170 photos! never-seen-before polaroids! …..the mind boggles! (too many exclamations? I think so.) Such was the interest in the book, that people were sharing the information within minutes of it being posted on the Hints Music facebook site – in fact, it seemed to even catch Steve by surprise, as he only got around to posting a picture of the cover of his own book, after it had already been shared on numerous Japan/SJ forums. Which seems a bit rude to me – but then maybe I am just a tad old-fashioned? Such is the way of social media (makes me wonder just how Bowie managed to hoodwink us all and release an album without *anyone* realising he had even been in the studio?) so immediate is everything, these days.

However, I digress……

Prior to the book being published, the only way to actually get your hands on your favourite Jansen print was via Steve’s ‘imageshop’; a gallery featuring an array of mainly monochrome images of his ex-band mates – as well as some amazing Japanscapes, and the odd shot of a random stranger or a glinty-eyed dog.  Many of you already have one (or more) of these limited edition prints hanging on your walls at home, (as do I), and soon we will also be able to have access to these images, and many more previously unseen shots, all compiled into a beautiful art book. Heady stuff.

trees as seen in 'japan' tour program
trees as seen in ‘japan’ tour program

One of the most enjoyable aspects of writing this blog is the contact I have with fellow fans, who all seem more than happy to share their anecdotes about attending Steve’s exhibitions in the early 80s, or will gladly contribute to a collective piece about his iconic images of Mick.  So, whilst we eagerly await publication of the Jansen tome, I thought we could have a little look at some of the images that are already out there, hanging on people’s walls, and ask “why that particular one?”

So, please join me in welcoming the newest member of the Jansen Print Owners Club, Natasha Bain. In fact, she is such a ‘newbie’, that she hasn’t actually taken delivery of her prints yet, having only ordered them this week. However, let’s not quibble over such inanities…..she has been a lifelong fan of the band Japan, and she was motivated to grab herself a couple of prints after having a pretty grim week – what better way to cheer yourself up?

Natasha’s first choice was this photo of David, smoking in the snow. Her reasons for choosing this image were complex and personal; she had recently received some distressing news and she felt that this image summed up how she was feeling – she longed for solitude and the time to just sit and think (and maybe smoke a tab or two) but she also saw the snow – as bleak and cold as it appears – as a temporary thing; it would eventually melt and life would get back on an even keel again……the possibility of the positive future is as strong as the reality of her current situation.

sylvian near south kensington home (3)
sylvian near south kensington home (3)

Natasha’s second choice was also influenced by personal reasons, although much happier ones; she went for the rather spectacular shot of Karn, Sylvian and Barbieri in South Molton Street (a technically beautiful shot, if I may say so) because it reminded her of family shopping trips!  Whatever her reason,  I certainly cannot argue with her choice, as I truly believe that this is one of Steve’s most accomplished photographs. (The only criticism I have with this image, is that bloody awful jacket, which David seemed to have welded permanently to his back, throughout 1981  *shudders*)

barbieri, karn and sylvian in london's south molton street 1981
barbieri, karn and sylvian in london’s south molton street 1981

Next up, is Craig Hamlin, who finally got ’round to ordering two Jansen prints last month, after many, many years of procrastination. He had always loved the image of the Rickshaw Man, which had been used in publicity for Steve’s 1983 photographic exhibition at The Photographers’ Gallery. Even knowing that the shot had been taken off a TV screen didn’t cool his ardour, and he eventually decided to go for it. It does have a beautifully hazy quality to it, and Craig always said it reminded him of early 1960s footage, which I can see….Steve has no recollection of the programme which happened to be on his telly that day though, merely that is was a documentary. However, this matters not a jot; what Craig has ended up with is a pretty wonderful image, not only signed by Steve but, as he was the first person to purchase it, a geek-tastic number 1/250.

'rickshaw man'
‘rickshaw man’

Craig has always been fascinated by the image of Steve and David, taken from the ‘Visions of China’ video shoot, which was published in the ‘journal’ section of Jansen’s website. The image places Steve front and centre of the shot, whilst David is awkwardly positioned behind him – small and almost unnoticeable (and weirdly reminiscent of a scene from the film ‘How To Get Ahead in Advertising’!). Anyone who was aware of just how often the focus was placed upon the elder Batt sibling during the Japan years, couldn’t fail to be intrigued by this positioning – not specifically posed, but beautifully captured, never-the-less (most likely by Rich Barbieri) On Steve’s website, the image is published in black and white, even though it was actually a colour shot; Craig had seen the original colour version and felt this was the one he wanted. He felt it dated the picture in a way he liked; it reminded him of the technicolour 1980s, a time when he first heard and saw Japan, and he was sold on having it in its original glory – although eventually, he decided to go with the monochrome version you see below. (A wise move, if I may say so) As Steve didn’t actually take the picture (although it was his camera and film the image was caught on) he didn’t number the print, although he did kindly sign it for Craig.

And Craig has assured me that, as soon as he gets back off his holidays, he will be collecting them from the framers and putting them up on a wall, where they belong.

'visions of china' shoot
‘visions of china’ shoot

Not quite sure why, but recently people seem to have been buying a brace of Jansen prints at a time! Here, we have the wonderful Pat Innes, who also chose not one but two images…….and Pat’s first choice was based upon a similar train of thought as Craig’s. This shot of Japan was the one she also chose to write about when we did the MK 24/7 blog post to mark the occasion of Mick’s birthday, last month.

I’ll let her explain……..

I love Japan and their two “orphaned” lps, I love JBK and their individual forays, but I’m not a David fan. This group picture places Mick clearly in focus; David is there, but is not the centre of attention. I confess to a little delight at that thought every time I look at it. To me, the group shot gives Mick a bit of the acknowledgement he deserved. Drums and bass – that does it for me, with a hefty serving of (cute, fuzzy, pouty-faced) Barbieri on the side”

karn, sylvian, barbieri & dean
karn, sylvian, barbieri & dean

Pat’s other choice was a beautiful image of Mick, which Steve also published this year on Mick’s birthday. Taken in Firenze during the ‘Alice’ tour in 1996….”the Firenze shot is of Mick alone, looking off at who knows what…It’s just Mick, not on stage or with Japan…just Mick, presumably out for a stroll in Italy while touring. I chose two shots which show Mick at different places in life; one young, flamboyant, and without eyebrows, and one later – sombre, with boatloads of hair and eyebrows. Both are gorgeous.”

the prints in situ in Pat's home
the prints in situ in Pat’s home
mick in firenze
mick in firenze

When I first started this blog, I had 4 Jansen prints hanging on my walls……I now have another two and, like Natasha, my purchases have been motivated by specific things happening in my life. The last two I bought, were prompted by a house move – always a good reason to get yourself some new art, I feel! Earlier this year, Steve had published some shots taken in deepest, darkest Wales during the recording of jbk’s  ‘_ism’,  and I was immediately enamoured of the beautifully trippy image of the Foel Studio sign and gatepost……something about it drew my eye and I kept returning to look at it. So, that ended up being top of my ‘must have’ list. When it arrived, it proved to be even more beautiful than I had realised; there is an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ quality to the image – in fact, scrub that thought…….I’ve got the wrong literary Lewis….I have just realised that it reminds me of the picture in ‘The Voyage of The Dawn Treader’, which comes to life whilst Edmund and Lucy are looking at it! It is difficult to explain just how the perspective draws your eye and it really feels as if it is a 3-D image – you’ll have to take my word for it (or pop round for a brew and a nosey one day, so you can see for yourselves) as it isn’t that obvious when viewed on a computer screen.

JBK @Foel Studios, Wales circa 1998 - and my new favourite picture!
JBK @Foel Studios, Wales circa 1998 – and my new favourite picture!

My final acquisition (for now!) was one I wasn’t sure would actually work……Steve is a bit of a stickler for quality when it comes to his photographic work, and he always runs a test-print of any ‘new’ image before agreeing to sell it. I had been intrigued by a shot of Mick which had appeared on ‘sleepyard’ a few months ago – an out-of-focus, close-up shot of him wearing Banana Splitz shades, with a crisp reflection of the photographer in his darkened lenses. And, of course, the ‘dangly thing’…….which turned out to be a fault in the film, where light had leaked in. Because of this, I wasn’t sure it would reproduce well enough once enlarged (the prints are approx 40cm x 30cm). Weirdly, of the 2 prints, it was actually the ‘Foel’ one which had to be tested twice; the MK one reproduced perfectly first time round.

Mick Karn aka 'dangly thing'

Mick Karn aka ‘dangly thing’

framed and ready to go!
framed and ready to go!

It is surprisingly easy to get your hands on one of Steve’s beautiful, limited edition, signed prints – simply check out his ‘imageshop’ for details of how to order.


Angela Crook did just that and grabbed herself a shot of David taken during the Visions of China video shoot, which now has pride of place in her living room (and she assures me she gazes adoringly at it every morning!)

Angela's copy of 'visions film set (1)'
Angela’s copy of ‘visions film set (1)’

Thanks to everyone who contributed photos and anecdotes to this piece. All other photos by Steve Jansen.

1081 – Sylvian in South Kensington home (2) re-mastered

The last couple of weeks have been quite exciting ones for fans of all things Jansenesque………moving away from his photography for a moment (if I may be so bold) and focusing instead on his music, there’s the news of the impending release of the live Jansen/Barbieri album ‘lumen’ (with ‘instant gratification’ track – and who doesn’t LOVE those two words when placed together?), plus the digital re-issue of ‘kinoapparatom’, with 3 additional, brand-spanking-new Jansen tracks, followed by the faint whisper that more is to follow, which has given us all a massive boost. Steve has also recently set up a ‘soundcloud’ page, where he has uploaded some snippets of music including alternative versions of the ‘sleepyard’ Nissan advert.

Not to mention the fact that much of Mick’s back catalogue is to be re-released; well, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas round these parts, I can tell you.

Coupled with this marvellous news, I had the rather wonderful experience of checking the blog stats this week only to see that it has now attracted 10,000 views. That’s 10,000 views folks. If I hadn’t already been sitting down, I think I would have needed the aid of smelling salts and possibly a stiff brandy to recover. When we first came up with the idea of this blog, it was a very low-key, small-scale plan; at no point did I imagine that, a mere 4 months down the line, we would have anything up to 800 people reading each post. During the first few weeks, we were attracting around 40 people per day which I thought was fantastic, so for it to have become so widely read, by people from over 50 countries, is quite incredible.  Obviously, a big part of the appeal of the blog, is that Steve has been so generous with his time, offering answers and giving the ‘back story’ to many of the photographs, with such good humour and patience. So, a huge thanks to Mr Jansen……

In celebration of both the excellent news of the blog’s success, and the impending re-releases of some of Steve’s finest musical work, tonight we are presenting a re-mixed, re-mastered version of Becky Olenchak’s post about her purchase of a Jansen print way back in 2006.  Becky was one of the imageshop’s first customers, way back when it was launched over 8 years ago, so it seems fitting that we re-post this piece……..

Sylvian in South Kensington home - Becky's framed print
Sylvian in South Kensington home – Becky’s framed print

1081 – Sylvian in South Kensington home (2)

It was Christmas 2006 that I bought myself a signed photo print by Steve Jansen.

Looking through the thumbnail shots of the various images available by this talented man, I could easily see myself being the proud owner of so many of them. But in the end, it was number 1081 (the 5th of an edition of 250 now hangs above my bed) that I chose. It depicts Steve’s brother, David Sylvian, holding a glass of orange juice as he leans against the stove in his kitchen, with a framed print of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol on the wall behind him. It is the true ‘slice of life’ nature of this particular picture that caught my eye then and now; an ordinary moment captured for posterity on film. I enjoy the subtle, lovely details of everyday life evident here: the cereal boxes, the kettle, the cartons of juice and milk and so on. I see David’s bowed head and pensive expression as he gazes through his spectacles into his glass and I wonder anew what is going through his mind as he pauses between sips of his juice? Is he planning his day, his next song, his next album? Or is it something else entirely, perhaps he is pondering that morning’s news headlines, or thinking of a favorite passage in a favorite book or a scene in a favorite film? Or maybe it is something as simple as mentally itemizing his grocery list? The possibilities are endless really, no? And why on earth did David decide to hang his Warhol’s Marilyn in his kitchen beside his stove, I wonder? Was he making a commentary, did he too think it would be a humorous place for it or did he also see the very Warholian-in-itself touch in hanging an expensive piece of art in a kitchen? Maybe the colors in the print and the colors on the wall and appliances all simply blended well together, and that was it? I ponder what words may have been spoken between the brothers – artist and subject – immediately before and after this image was caught on film? And I wonder if David ever actually finished that juice, or if it wound up just being poured down the drain? All of these random thoughts cross my mind as I gaze at the print.

In the end though, all I know for a fact is that I really love this photograph. No matter how many more Jansen prints I eventually acquire (and I do hope to acquire more!), number 1081 will always be special to me both as my first and as a wonderful pictorial moment in time.

Becky Olenchak


You can order this limited edition, signed print from here: http://www.stevejansen.com/imageshop/1081_sylvian_in_south_kensington_home_2.html

Information about the digital release of ‘kinoapparatom’ can be found here:


Information about the release of the jansen/barbieri live album ‘lumen’ can be found here:


'lumen'  jansen & barbieri live  sleeve design by carl glover
‘lumen’ jansen & barbieri live
sleeve design by carl glover

Steve’s ‘sonicyard’ soundcloud page is here:  https://soundcloud.com/sonicyard

the purchase

I was lucky enough to receive a tax rebate recently. Once I had picked myself off the floor, my boys and I had The Discussion.

‘What should we do with it?’ I asked. ‘Something good? Something bad? A bit of both?’

‘We’ll follow your lead, Star-Lord.’

‘A bit of both!’ I decided.

This conversation highlighted two things. First, my sons are good lads and look after their old man, and second, that we have a strange family dynamic and I like being called Star-Lord.

I decided to investigate the options for Something Bad which led me immediately to Steve Jansen’s ImageshopI have looked at these wonderful photographs many times and would happily buy them all but my available funds were limited and I had to justify not spending the cash on, oh I don’t know, food maybe?

Therefore, it needed to be something very special. It needed to be something I couldn’t resist. It needed to be so good that it would override the Catholic Guilt that I carry around with me. In a suitcase. Filled with guilt. It needed to excite me artistically and satisfy the Fanboy that still exists within me after all these years.

I searched through Steve’s Imageshop and his Tumblr blog but nothing really ‘spoke’ to me. I decided to email Steve and ask his advice. I’m not sure what I expected him to say, due to my incredibly vague message, but he is always gracious. He asked me some questions that helped to highlight my requirements and promised to have a look at his unpublished photographs to see if he had something along similar lines.

True to his word, Steve emailed me the next day with four previously unseen images. They were all great but I’d immediately seen the one I wanted. In a previous blog entry https://jansenphotographyblog.wordpress.com/2015/02/03/the-power-of-the-image-2/ I told the story of Steve’s ‘Ghosts’ cover which introduced me to his photography and Japan. It was a life-changing moment and remains my favourite image

. Ghosts 1

One of the photographs was an alternate ‘Ghosts’ cover and it was simply perfect. I knew instantly that this was the one I had to have and Steve then placed me in the very capable hands of the famous, but unseen, Joseph to proceed with the order. I received an email from Joseph indicating that, because the negative had never been scanned and test-printed, the order could take a few extra days. Excited? Yes, indeed! Only two weeks later and it had arrived at my door.

Ghosts Alternate

The whole process, from originally contacting Steve to actually getting my print, was incredibly quick. Steve did say that he will be digitising more unseen negatives over the next couple of months, and I can’t wait to see what photographic treasures he unearths. In the meantime, I’m a very happy boy with my new print. It is a beautiful image, individually numbered and signed by Steve. Go buy it, I know you want to. But remember, I was first.

Steve’s Imageshop:


Ghosts alternate:


Steve’s Tumblr blog:


Steve Jansen’s imageshop & tumblr prints



It is surprisingly easy to get your hands on a limited edition, signed print from Steve’s imageshop.

The process is quick and simple.

Choose the image you want and pay via paypal.

If there are any specific requirements, you will get an email asking about this – I was offered a choice of sepia or black and white for the Dog in Thailand print – and then once it is ready, you get another email informing you of the delivery date and time.

The prints are sent via courier and are securely packaged – in fact, getting into it is akin to a playing a particularly physical game of pass the parcel! – and they are signed and numbered by Steve.

It is also possible to choose prints from pictures he has posted on his ‘sleepyard’ tumblr, printed in the same format and signed http://sleepyard.tumblr.com/